Rich Lewis, Jr
Real Estate Trend Spotter

 I learned how to spot real estate trends during my early days in construction while building a 459-land lease home site project in CA. was also involved with new home sales, garage construction, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, roofing and of course working the loader and 10-ton forklift to park the modular homes on their designated homesites. Once this project was complete, I headed up to beautiful Idaho where I spotted a supply and demand trend for student housing. The trend I created was for single-wide trailers to accommodate students with low incomes.

 I located the trailers, set them up and rented them out with the help of an investor. After this successful trend spot, I moved to Colorado as a property investor. I bought homes for families and left equity on the table to entice a quick sale. I then moved to Texas for a land deal and finished up in South FL by investing in a fixer-upper.  As I preview and analyze the data of the 39 housing markets of the palm beaches, I try to forecast trends to help potential buyers secure a property that fits a minimum criterion. The objective is to use these criteria to produce a home with legs of equity. If you’re searching for a new home and need some advice contact Rich Lewis Jr, Real Estate Trend-Spotter for a FREE consultation and let’s begin your home search.